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John Svigos
Dr Anthia Rallis
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Conception, Pregnancy & Birth
Conception, Pregnancy & Birth
Dr Miriam Stoppard

Conception Pregnancy & Birth is the most thorough
and comprehensive book on having a baby.
It presents the reader with practical guidance on the
latest in obstetrics, nutrition and exercise for both
pregnancy and childbirth.
Katrina Bowman & Louise Ryan

When Louise and Katrina discovered they were having
twins, both had the same thought once they recovered
from the shock: buy a book that explains what to expect
in order to get organised and to prepare emotionally and
physically for the anticipated upheaval to their lives.
When they couldn't find such a text, they decided to
write it themselves.
Up the Duff
Up The Duff
Kaz Cooke

In true, Kaz Cooke style, Up the Duff
is a fairly entertaining and humourous look at
pregnancy. Kaz provides a quick and easy to read
book that will give you the low-down on pregnancy,
birth and coping when you get home.
So You're Going to be a Dad
So You’re Going To Be A Dad
Peter Downey

Peter Downey tells all about the trials and joys of
parenting, including advice about pregnancy, childbirth
and baby care, examining many vital issues to prepare
one for their impending fatherhood. You're Going to be a
Dad is often rated as one of the greatest parental
education books ever written.
Conception, Pregnancy & Birth
On The Breast Handbook
Jo Gilpin

Jo Gilpin, a respected midwife and lactation consultant, has re-examined what makes breast feeding work for mothers and babies and has brought together all the important points in this easy to read and very practical handbook.'