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February 2015

Hepatitis A and Pregnancy

It is with great regret that I wish to announce my retirement from private practice effectively from 1st February 2017 having started on 1st July 1978. I shall however continue my teaching and clinical responsibilities in the Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. This has come about for a variety of reasons predominantly family related and are thus confidential.

In the first instance I wish to reassure you, my loyal and dedicated patients, that your continued care will not be compromised by this decision as my popular and respected Associate, Dr Anthia Rallis, has made herself available to take over your care, with yours and your referring physician’s permission, here at Women’s Health Specialists.

If you would prefer referral to another colleague then of course I would provide the necessary administrative requirements.

A seamless changeover is my prime intention in all this in order that continuity of your care remains unaltered. I must reassure you that our dedicated midwifery and administrative staff will continue to serve all your requirements as previously.

I wish to take this opportunity to make a few acknowledgements if I may.

I would like to acknowledge my mentors Professor Lloyd Cox (deceased), Professor Colin Matthews, Dr Robert Munday, Dr Geoffrey Hasenohr (deceased), Dr James Kirkland (deceased), Dr John Miller, Professor Edward Coetzee (Cape Town) and my respected peers Dr Basil Antonas, Dr Don Barrie, Dr Rasniah Vigneswaran (deceased), Professor Jeffrey Robinson, Professor Alastair MacLennan, Dr Jack O’Loughlin, Dr Andrew Child, Professor John Kerin (deceased), Dr. Rich Porreco (Denver), Professor Watson Bowes III (North Carolina), Professor Ross Haslam, Dr David Morris, Dr Brian Wheatley, Professor Robert Bryce, Professor Putu Surya (Bali), Dr Brian Peat, Dr Simon Stewart - Rattray, Dr Rick Power, Dr Lino Scopacasa and my younger colleagues Dr Darren Roberts, Dr Chris Sexton, Dr Mojgan Vatani, Dr Chris Munt, Professor Jodie Dodd, Dr Peter Muller, Professor Rosalie Grivell, Professor Chris Wilkinson, Dr Mark Morton, Dr. Joseph Thomas, Professor Ash Hanafy, Professor Nick Rieger, Dr Anu Raju, Professor Stephen Robson, Dr Stephen Lane, Dr John Miller, Professor Chris Barnett and Professor George Condous.

I apologise to those colleagues I may have missed but please know your assistance and support , particularly those many doctors referring patients to my care, has been greatly appreciated and I hope reciprocated with my best efforts at all times.

Any obstetrician and gynaecologist knows that our standard of care cannot be delivered without the trust and confidence of our midwifery and operative theatre staff and I and my patients, have been fortunate recipients of their professionalism and dedication and as they are too numerous to mention individually by name then I can merely make a seemingly banal offer of my thanks on behalf of myself and my patients, as it is the best I’ve got to give.

Of course I could not have existed personally or professionally without the love and support of my wife Esther, our family and our close friends and I offer my enduring gratitude to them.

Finally, whilst as professionals we pay homage to our patients, the reality is that you are not my patients but I am your doctor and I thank you for the privilege of being so and I wish to reassure you that I have enjoyed every moment, the highs and lows, of serving your needs over many wonderful years.

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