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Women’s Health Specialists

Level 2/77 King William Rd North Adelaide SA 5006

Associate Professor
John Svigos
Dr Anthia Rallis
Telephone (08) 8239 2811

Facsimile (08) 8239 2727 Email womenshealthspec@ iprimus.com.au

Administrative Matters


Women's Health Specialists is attended between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.30 pm.

You will be offered the first available appointment time but if the matter is of some urgency then this can be expedited by a timely doctor-to-doctor telephone call by your family practitioner to our specialists.

We try to accommodate to all your needs but on occasions seek your patience.

Once you have made your first appointment at Women's Health Specialists you will be sent a letter of confirmation containing general information about us and our location in order to facilitate your initial experience with us.

Additionally you will receive information with regard to our fee structure prior to your appointment.

A timely text message has been a useful strategy that patients appreciate and similarly a follow up text message or phone call in the case of a missed appointment is an essential courtesy.

We conscientiously try to keep to our appointment times but as you would appreciate we may be called away during consulting to deliver a baby and we hope that you will give us your understanding particularly those of you who are pregnant who would quite rightly expect us to be present at your delivery!

With any significant delays our staff will quickly contact you to make alternative arrangements and minimise your inconvenience.

Whilst we endeavour to see new patients, including those with emergencies within a reasonable time-frame inevitably a waiting list and a cancellation list will occur and you will be contacted and offered an earlier appointment if one becomes available.

At the conclusion of your consultation a letter to your general practitioner will be dictated, typed and posted within 48 hours in order that your general practitioner will be kept fully informed of your further management.

Consultation Fees

We provide you with assistance in the payment of accounts which are presented at the time of consultation including the use of online facilities to Medicare.

Outpatient Procedures

We perform a number of outpatient procedures at the rooms including obstetric and gynaecological ultrasounds, colposcopy , cervical biopsy and ablation, biopsy and removal of superficial lesions, insertion of intra-uterine devices and insertion of contraceptive and hormonal implants.

As previously mentioned our experienced nursing staff assist at all procedures which are carried out under strict aseptic conditons with sterilization facilities on site.

We are also experienced in performing antenatal diagnostic procedures including chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis which we perform at the Melbourne Street rooms of Benson's Radiology.

Inhospital Procedures

If you require an inhospital procedure then the procedure will be discussed in depth with you and your support person if required.

A final consent will not be obtained until in general you have also had an opportunity to discuss the procedure and the necessary arrangements with our nursing staff ensuring that your questions and concerns are adequately addressed pre-operatively.

Written explanatory information regarding the procedure will also be given to you for your perusal.

Once the procedure and the nominated hospital have been booked then the administrative staff will fully discuss the fees with you.

Our fees are very reasonably placed between the recommended AMA fees and the Medicare Schedule fees and you will be given verbal and written notice of any out-of-pocket expenses.


We hope this description of Women's Health Specialists and the explanation of the roles of the medical, midwifery and administrative staff within the practice provides you with a snapshot of the positive experience you will share should you be referred to us for consultation.